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Recent advances in genome profiling techniques such as high-throughput next-generation sequencing have advanced our understanding of the biology across diverse research fields including genetics and genomics. With this technical breakthrough, the genomics data is being accumulated in an unprecedented rate and scale becoming one of the biggest data the human beings had ever seen. So, this is the era of ‘Genome big data’ and ‘Precision medicine’ where the advanced technologies and knowledge can eventually guide the diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for individual patients.


Our lab has three main research goals. First, we aim to ‘use’ the advanced methodologies to advance our knowledge and learn the unique genomic-transcriptomic-epigenomic configuration of normal and disease genomes. The second aim is to ‘translate’ the knowledge into clinics with our collaborators and identify the biomarkers and build models to predict the patient prognosis, treatment response or resistance. The third aim is to develop novel informatics algorithms and methodology.


We believe that our research goals are all challenging, but interesting research subjects. With our lab members and collaborators in clinicals/experimental labs, we have investigated the genomics data of various types of tumor and nontumor diseases and keep searching for the biologically and clinically relevant findings and markers for the patients.

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